Proper Edges Biochar

We produce high quality biochar from the wood left over after hedge laying, coppicing and gate making. Usually this brash is burnt, wasting energy and releasing poluting smoke. However, using our highly efficient kiln, we can produce biochar very cleanly with hardly any smoke and the carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere is stored in the char.

Biochar is fine charcoal that can be added to compost to help hold nutrients and water in the soil and increase soil fertility. Its microporous structure also provide ideal habitat for mycorrhizal fungi that help to feed plants. It can be used  in layers on compost heaps or in leaf bins but it has manifold other uses too. To find out more about benefits of biochar, and the science behind it, have a look at the International Biochar Institute website.

We sell our biochar in paper sacks and in dumpy bags. We also sell top grade barbeque charcoal in paper sacks. Our kiln is fully mobile so we can also bring it to your site and make biochar from your own brash wood.

Jeremy Weiss at Velwell Orchard