Preparation making

Marina from Huxhams Cross Farm has asked me to post the following:

We have been asked by Frankie van der Stok to all start collecting Chamomile and Yarrow flowers as there are none growing at Huxhams Cross yet.  These need to be dried for the Autumn gathering and preparation making.  We have a dehydrator if there is a problem with drying.  Valerian flowers will also be used  but we have plenty of this in store and we have loads growing at the farm.

We will be making the Nettle preparation on the farm on Thursday June 20th, 9 am start, but it is a very simple process so we don’t really need a hand; however if anyone wants to join in then they are welcome .(Stuffing an onion net with dried nettle leaves and burying it)

On the first Thursday of the month  we will be doing Horn silica stirrings and spraying on the appropriate crops:  dates will be: June 6th, July 4th,  August 1st,  September 5th. Starting 9 am.