Talk and Workshop at Huxhams Cross Farm

A Sustainable Movement in Japan with Sachiaki Takamiya, Sachiyo and Takumi  Thursday 25th July 7pm – 9pm £8 per person – limited to 25 people

Sachiaki Takamiya lived in England in his early 20s, he is a writer and the founder of the Ikigai Diet. He now lives in a small rural town called Hino in Shiga Prefecture, Japan and leads a sustainable lifestyle. In his talk at The Apricot Centre, Huxhams Cross Farm, he will be discussing a new lifestyle called Satoyama Living that is emerging in Japan. Many young people are moving to the countryside from big cities and leading sustainable lifestyles in a new way. He will be exploring the ideas of Han No Han X, a lifestyle to lead half farm life and half something else, Kominka living, transition initiatives, local networks, and eco-villages, politics and the grassroots movement.

The talk will take place at The Apricot Centre on 25th July 7pm – 9pm and costs £8 per person – limited to 25 people

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Ikigai Diet: a One Day Workshop with Sachiaki Takamiya, Sachiyo Sunday 28th July 9:30am – 4:30pm £60 per person, spaces are limited

Ikigai is a Japanese word meaning something that motivates you to live, something that gives you meaning and purpose to live. Ikigai Diet is a diet to help you live with Ikigai. It is a diet to help you stay young and healthy to enjoy your 100-year life, and through practicing the Ikigai Diet you will be physically and mentally balanced, and be able to connect with your source.

In this one day workshop you will have the opportunity to explore the topics: What is an Ikigai Diet, Eating and farming, Fermented food, Living with Bacteria, What to Eat – Ichibutsu Zentai Shoku: eating food as a whole, The Secret of Japanese Longevity – not in what we eat, but how we eat. You will be able to take part in discussions, lectures and practical elements to help understand the Ikigai Diet and how you can Incorporate it into your everyday life.

The workshop will take place at The Apricot Centre on 28th July 9:30am – 4:30pm and costs £60 per person – limited to 15 people

To book your place please check out our website


Rachel Phillips

Education and Wellbeing Coordinator

Apricot Centre CIC

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