Land for sale near Holsworthy, North Devon

I am posting this on behalf of Laura who was a valued member of our group before moving to Plas Dwbl in Wales.

With a heavy-heart(s) Laura and Jim Wallwork are placing their 49 acre smallholding up for sale.  It is called Lopthorne and comprises of rare Devon culm and ancient woodland.  It has been conservation-grazed by native cattle in order to enhance or at least manage the immense biodiversity.

It has been biodynamic Demeter certified for 2 years and now organic Demeter certified upon our relocation nearly 3 years ago.

The reason why I thought it may be of interest to you is because it is an unusual slice of pre-industrial Devon: It has never been ploughed, drained or (as far as we can research) sprayed (bar BD sprays).  The land has its own ‘being’ as a consequence.  If you are interested in observing the elementals then I recommend a visit.  It does deserve a sensitive guardian.  Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information: