Three Kings (or Magi) Stirring 6th Jan 2021 @ 12.30pm at Hapstead Farm C.I.C.

Magi comes from the Greek word Magos meaning ‘practitioner of magic’ .  Magi is also the root for words like magic and imagination – this magical ability to tell a story and awaken images in another.   The story of the three kings is that, on seeing a star that shone with the light of the sun, these astronomers  knew that a new age was coming and they brought symbolic gifts from three great previous ages:  Ancient India, Persia, Egypt.   Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh were tokens of the wisdom from these previous ages.  

We will stir these substances on January 6th at Hapstead Farm, as an offering to the land and the elemental world.  You are warmly invited to join us in this activity and to spray  this dynamized offering to the Earth or to take some of this preparation home to gift to your garden and home.   

Many traditional festivals have a link to the Sun.  Although it is winter, the darkest time of the year, in nature the Sun is returning and offering us a token of confidence, faith and hope.  We hope this festival will be an offering to you as well as the land.  

There will be soup and bread and some hot apple juice at the farm at 12.30pm followed by a short talk about this festival and the work and hopes for Hapstead Farm.  Stirring will be from 2pm – 3 pm so that there is time for people to spray the land at Hapstead or get home to spray in daylight.

We would appreciate knowing if you intend to come and how many of you, so that we can plan the space for stirring and also keep everyone in their respective groups.  

For further information please contact Selby 07874996367 Tobias 07593381593

To confirm you are attending please email:

For further information about Hapstead Farm C.I.C. please see our GoFundMe campaign.