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Land for sale near Holsworthy, North Devon

I am posting this on behalf of Laura who was a valued member of our group before moving to Plas Dwbl in Wales.

With a heavy-heart(s) Laura and Jim Wallwork are placing their 49 acre smallholding up for sale.  It is called Lopthorne and comprises of rare Devon culm and ancient woodland.  It has been conservation-grazed by native cattle in order to enhance or at least manage the immense biodiversity.

It has been biodynamic Demeter certified for 2 years and now organic Demeter certified upon our relocation nearly 3 years ago.

The reason why I thought it may be of interest to you is because it is an unusual slice of pre-industrial Devon: It has never been ploughed, drained or (as far as we can research) sprayed (bar BD sprays).  The land has its own ‘being’ as a consequence.  If you are interested in observing the elementals then I recommend a visit.  It does deserve a sensitive guardian.  Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information:


Promoting Social Justice, Equity and Inclusion

The South West Biodynamic Group would like to share and endorse this statement from the Biodynamic Association

Promoting Social Justice, Equity and Inclusion

As an organisation, the Biodynamic Association is committed to renewing the health and wholeness of our communities through biodynamic agriculture.

Distressing recent events, highlighting yet again the deep racial inequalities in our world, have been a painful reminder for us in the UK Biodynamic Association of  the need to move forward and progress much faster, and, along with the whole farming community, to commit  and achieve greater diversity in every way possible for our farming, food and gardening movements.

We recognise that there are significant barriers in the UK to all those from disadvantaged backgrounds entering the agricultural sector, including access to land and capital resources. Barriers also exist to accessing healthy and nutritious foods that should be everyone’s right.

These are areas that we are working to address, and in doing so committing ourselves to more fully listen, learn, and promote social justice, equity, and inclusion.  Through positive action we join the global biodynamic community to make positive change. Just as it was true in Rudolf Steiner’s day, the urgent need for social healing is intimately connected to our relationships with food, land, and spirit.

May our feeling penetrate

into the centre of our heart,

and seek, in love, to unite itself

with the human beings seeking the same goal,

with the spirit beings who — bearing grace,

strengthening us from realms of light

and illuminating our love —

are gazing down upon

our earnest, heartfelt striving.

~ Rudolf Steiner, 1923