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A request and some news

I have been contacted by Hannah Farmer who is moving from Sheffield to West Cornwall this autumn. Her message is as follows:
I want to make connections with growers in the local area, as I have loved my time learning about and volunteering at a Sheffield based biodynamic market garden.
I would love to continue volunteering and move into a paid role for growing, as I feel it’s healthy for me and part of the direction I want to grow in to.

Hannah Farmer
If anyone can help, please contact Hannah directly.

And continuing on a Cornish theme (well, sort of), many of you may remember Laura Wallwork who used to run Tregillis Farm near Launceston (and previously was a BD apprentice at Velwell).  Her current farm at Plas Dwbl College  in  Pembrokeshire (part of the Ruskin Mill Trust) is featured on BBC Wales this evening.  It will be available on the iPlayer shortly:

Finally, for those who don’t receive information from the BDAA, a reminder that

The Biodynamic Association has put together a conference that promises to be a gathering full of enthusiasm; bringing together practicing farmers, growers, gardeners, therapeutic practitioners, educators, earth healers, foodies, processors, traders and researchers to further the practice and research of biodynamics for the 21st century. Consciously working for harmony with nature, crops, animals and the farm community, bringing health benefits to all.

We meet at the Glasshouse College in Stourbridge thanks to the support of Aonghus Gordon and the Ruskin Mill Trust.

There is a full programme for Saturday 26 and Sunday 27th October with keynote talks, a choice of workshops and discussion groups on developing biodynamics, there is an opportunity for everyone to learn and share. 

Find out more and book your tickets here:

Talk and Workshop at Huxhams Cross Farm

A Sustainable Movement in Japan with Sachiaki Takamiya, Sachiyo and Takumi  Thursday 25th July 7pm – 9pm £8 per person – limited to 25 people

Sachiaki Takamiya lived in England in his early 20s, he is a writer and the founder of the Ikigai Diet. He now lives in a small rural town called Hino in Shiga Prefecture, Japan and leads a sustainable lifestyle. In his talk at The Apricot Centre, Huxhams Cross Farm, he will be discussing a new lifestyle called Satoyama Living that is emerging in Japan. Many young people are moving to the countryside from big cities and leading sustainable lifestyles in a new way. He will be exploring the ideas of Han No Han X, a lifestyle to lead half farm life and half something else, Kominka living, transition initiatives, local networks, and eco-villages, politics and the grassroots movement.

The talk will take place at The Apricot Centre on 25th July 7pm – 9pm and costs £8 per person – limited to 25 people

To book your place please check out our website

Ikigai Diet: a One Day Workshop with Sachiaki Takamiya, Sachiyo Sunday 28th July 9:30am – 4:30pm £60 per person, spaces are limited

Ikigai is a Japanese word meaning something that motivates you to live, something that gives you meaning and purpose to live. Ikigai Diet is a diet to help you live with Ikigai. It is a diet to help you stay young and healthy to enjoy your 100-year life, and through practicing the Ikigai Diet you will be physically and mentally balanced, and be able to connect with your source.

In this one day workshop you will have the opportunity to explore the topics: What is an Ikigai Diet, Eating and farming, Fermented food, Living with Bacteria, What to Eat – Ichibutsu Zentai Shoku: eating food as a whole, The Secret of Japanese Longevity – not in what we eat, but how we eat. You will be able to take part in discussions, lectures and practical elements to help understand the Ikigai Diet and how you can Incorporate it into your everyday life.

The workshop will take place at The Apricot Centre on 28th July 9:30am – 4:30pm and costs £60 per person – limited to 15 people

To book your place please check out our website


Rachel Phillips

Education and Wellbeing Coordinator

Apricot Centre CIC

07540 445 851




SW Biodynamic Group Library

The library is finally in its new home at Huxhams Cross Farm!  We have a collection of over 200 books and pamphlets on biodynamics or associated subjects, all available to borrow.  For more details or to receive an Excel copy of our catalogue, please use the Contact page.

Preparation making

Marina from Huxhams Cross Farm has asked me to post the following:

We have been asked by Frankie van der Stok to all start collecting Chamomile and Yarrow flowers as there are none growing at Huxhams Cross yet.  These need to be dried for the Autumn gathering and preparation making.  We have a dehydrator if there is a problem with drying.  Valerian flowers will also be used  but we have plenty of this in store and we have loads growing at the farm.

We will be making the Nettle preparation on the farm on Thursday June 20th, 9 am start, but it is a very simple process so we don’t really need a hand; however if anyone wants to join in then they are welcome .(Stuffing an onion net with dried nettle leaves and burying it)

On the first Thursday of the month  we will be doing Horn silica stirrings and spraying on the appropriate crops:  dates will be: June 6th, July 4th,  August 1st,  September 5th. Starting 9 am.

WORLD BIODYNAMIC WEEKEND, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June.

The National Biodynamic Association has suggested that a world-wide stirring and spraying of the Horn Manure 500 Preparation could be done, followed by the Silica Preparation 501. Whether alone or in groups, the connection made between the forces of our Planet Earth and the cosmic forces on a worldwide basis sounds like an opportunity not to be missed.

There will be two events taking place in our area:

HUXHAMS CROSS FARM has its annual Open Farm Sunday on 9th June which happily coincides with World Biodynamic Weekend.  Full details of the day can be found on the website below; events start with a Growing and Farm Tour at 10.30 am.

EXETER AREA : A Stirring of the 500 Horn Manure Preparation will be held in Whitestone, near Exeter on Saturday 8th or Sunday 9th June.    Val Collett has the Prep, and anyone interested in coming needs to bring their own bucket, stirring brush and lidded container so that they can take some of the stirred Preparation back to their own garden or fields.   Please phone Val on 01392 811260 or email her on to arrange a mutually agreed time or day.